10 Essential Real Estate Marketing Tools for Agents in 2024

For Agents, June 18, 2024
Real Estate Marketing Tools

Is it difficult for you to stand out in the competitive real estate industry?

You could be searching for methods to effectively display your properties and appeal to a larger customer base.

If that statement is accurate, then you have found the correct post.

In this article, we will discuss ten effective tools for real estate marketing that aim to enhance your sales outcomes.

Here’s what you can expect to find:

  • Key app features: Uncover the key features that are crucial for real estate professionals, making these tools vital.
  • Pros and cons: Obtain an impartial assessment of both the positive and negative aspects of each tool to make well-informed choices.
  • Best for: Discovering the most suitable tools for distinct requirements, regardless if you work independently or within a bigger organization.
  • Pricing plans: Understand the different pricing structures to decide which tools are within your budget and provide the most value.

Ready to revolutionize your real estate marketing strategy? Let’s dive in and explore these game-changing tools together!

1. Movavi

    Movavi provides a complete set of instruments created to streamline video production and editing for real estate agents.

    By offering a user-friendly interface and intuitive features, Movavi enables agents to create top-notch videos for demonstrating properties effectively.

    Whether you’re making virtual tours, property walk-throughs, or promotional clips, Movavi offers the necessary tools to engage your viewers.

    It also has a Real Estate Pack for this niche specifically.

    Key Features:

    • Video editing software that is simple to use and allows for dragging and dropping functionality.
    • A variety of editing features available, such as trimming, cutting, merging, and inserting transitions.
    • Collection of pre-made templates and effects for improving your videos.
    • Compatibility with different video formats, such as HD and 4K quality, is available.
    • Choice to insert music, text, and voiceovers for customizing your videos.

    Key Pros:

    • The interface is easy to use for users with varying levels of experience.
    • Users have access to a variety of templates and effects to help them create high-quality videos quickly.
    • Customizable editing tools are available to customize your branding and style according to your requirements.
    • Able to operate on different operating systems like Windows and macOS.
    • Offers a free trial period for users to try out its features before deciding on a purchase.

    Key Cons:

    • Some advanced features may require additional learning for users new to video editing.
    • Limited advanced editing capabilities compared to professional-grade software.
    • The free trial has limited functionality and watermarks on exported videos.

    Best for: Small to mid-size real estate businesses, freelance agents, and marketing teams seeking a user-friendly solution for creating engaging property videos.

    Pricing Plans: 

    2. Podio

      Podio is a flexible tool for managing projects and collaborating, tailored to the unique needs of real estate professionals.

      Podio allows users to efficiently arrange property information, work together with colleagues, and simplify processes using its customizable layout and extensive range of features.

      Podio serves as a central hub for carrying out all real estate duties, such as lead generation, client management, task tracking, and document sharing.

      Key Features:

      • Personalized workspaces and applications designed specifically for real estate processes.
      • Tools for managing tasks related to property, assigning them to individuals, and keeping track of their progress.
      • System for managing contacts to sort out client data and interactions.
      • Incorporation with external applications and services like CRM software and document management tools.
      • Features for collaboration in real-time, such as chat, comments, and sharing files.

      Key Pros:

      • Platform can be customized to suit different real estate business models and processes.
      • Centralized center for overseeing leads, clients, properties, and transactions.
      • Smoothly blend with other software tools and services to boost productivity.
      • Effective communication and teamwork are facilitated by strong collaboration features.
      • Scalable solution appropriate for small agencies, mid-size firms, and large enterprise organizations.

      Key Cons:

      • Steeper learning curve for users unfamiliar with project management software.
      • Customization options may require time and effort to set up initially.
      • Pricing can be higher compared to basic project management tools, especially for advanced features.

      Best for: Mid-size to large real estate agencies, property management firms, and teams looking for a comprehensive project management solution tailored to the real estate industry.

      Pricing Plans: 

      3. Pipedrive

        Pipedrive is a leading CRM tool designed to streamline and enhance the sales process for real estate agents.

        Its user-friendly interface and customizable options make it a valuable tool for managing leads, tracking transactions, and closing deals.

        Agents using Pipedrive can see their sales pipeline, focus on important tasks, and automate recurring tasks to save time and boost productivity.

        Pipedrive enables agents to make informed decisions and increase revenue growth by giving them valuable information on sales performance and customer interactions.

        Key Features:

        • Visual sales pipeline to track the progress of property listings and deals.
        • Lead management tools are used to capture, organize, and nurture leads.
        • Activity tracking and reminder notifications to ensure timely follow-ups with prospects.
        • Customizable email templates and automation workflows for efficient communication.
        • Integration with other software tools and services, such as email marketing platforms and calendar apps.

        Key Pros:

        • An easy-to-use interface and intuitive tools allow real estate professionals at any experience level to access it easily.
        • Users can tailor the CRM to fit their unique sales processes by customizing pipeline stages and fields.
        • The strong reporting and analytics functionalities offer important insights into sales performance and trends.
        • The mobile application allows agents to stay on top of their sales pipeline while on the move, improving flexibility and efficiency.
        • Outstanding customer service and a strong user base providing support and sharing best practices.

        Key Cons:

        • Extra setup and configuration may be necessary for advanced features like workflow automation.
        • Less flexibility in personalization for cheaper plans compared to more expensive ones.
        • Limitations or extra charges may apply for integrations with specific third-party applications.

        Best for: Small to mid-size real estate agencies, independent agents, and sales teams seeking a user-friendly CRM solution to manage their sales pipeline and drive growth.

        Pricing Plans: 

        4. Bitrix24

          Bitrix24 is a comprehensive platform for managing businesses, created for real estate professionals. It has various tools to help with tasks.

          The platform is created to improve effectiveness and output by combining CRM, project management, communication, and marketing automation.

          Bitrix24 makes complex real estate tasks easier by offering services such as lead generation, client management, and document sharing, facilitating collaboration among team members.

          Its user-friendly layout and adaptable components make it suitable for various real estate company models and simple to scale for businesses of all sizes.

          Key Features:

          • CRM system designed to handle leads, contacts, and deals at every stage of the sales process.
          • Tools for managing property listings, tasks, and deadlines in project management.
          • Communication features including chat, video conferencing, and email integration.
          • Marketing automation capabilities for lead nurturing and client engagement.
          • Document management and sharing for storing property documents, contracts, and agreements.

          Key Pros:

          • An all-encompassing platform removes the necessity for various software tools, cutting down on expenses and streamlining workflow management.
          • Extremely adaptable with opportunities to customize modules and workflows to meet particular business needs.
          • Collaborative features enhance team communication and coordination, leading to increased efficiency and productivity in the end.
          • A cloud-based solution is ideal for remote work environments because it can be reached from any place with internet access.
          • A free option is offered with fundamental features, allowing small businesses and startups to easily use it.

          Key Cons:

          • Learning curve may be steep for users unfamiliar with comprehensive business management platforms.
          • Advanced features such as marketing automation may require additional setup and configuration.
          • Pricing can become expensive as the number of users and desired features increase.

          Best for: Small to mid-size real estate agencies, property management firms, and teams looking for an all-in-one solution to streamline operations and improve collaboration.

          Pricing Plans: 

          5. Fiverr

            Fiverr links real estate professionals with freelancers who provide various marketing services on the online platform.

            Fiverr offers skilled freelancers available to assist with graphic design, content writing, video editing, or social media management needs.

            Fiverr offers a convenient platform with a wide range of sellers, allowing real estate companies to easily find affordable and top-notch marketing services.

            Fiverr enables agents to enhance their marketing tactics and differentiate themselves in the competitive market by crafting attractive property listings and carrying out thorough marketing campaigns.

            Key Features:

            • Extensive market providing a range of services for real estate marketing.
            • Explore search and filtering options to discover freelancers according to their skills, rates, and turnaround time.
            • Seller profiles have reviews and ratings to assist users in making well-informed choices.
            • The payment system is safe and includes safeguards for both buyers and sellers.
            • Tools for communicating with freelancers and overseeing project management.

            Key Pros:

            • Ability to connect with skilled freelancers worldwide who specialize in real estate marketing.
            • Various pricing options available, including affordable gigs and high-end services.
            • Agents can meet tight deadlines with fast project completion times.
            • Capability to adjust marketing strategies according to business requirements without the need to bring on permanent employees.
            • Different services are offered, including specific areas like drone photography and virtual staging.

            Key Cons:

            • The quality of services can differ depending on the freelancer, so it is necessary to carefully screen and communicate with them.
            • Language differences or cultural nuances can lead to communication obstacles or misinterpretations.
            • Extra charges like service fees and transaction fees could potentially raise the total expenses of the project.
            • Restricted influence on freelancers’ work hours and accessibility, which could result in possible delays.
            • Identifying the ideal freelancer can be time-consuming and challenging given the multitude of choices.

            Best for: Small to mid-size real estate businesses, independent agents, and marketing teams seeking affordable and flexible marketing solutions without the overhead of hiring full-time staff.

            Pricing Plans: 

            6. Zillow

              Zillow is a leading online platform within the real estate sector, providing users with various real estate listings, home values, and market information.

              Zillow has a simple interface and powerful to assist buyers, sellers, and realtors in making informed decisions about real estate transactions.

              Zillow offers a variety of tools and services to assist all stages of the real estate market ,including listing properties for sale or rent and interacting with potential customers.

              Zillow’s mobile app and website provide convenient choices for customers and industry professionals everywhere and at all times.

              Key Features:

              • Various collection of property listings, which includes houses available for purchase, for rent, and recently sold properties.
              • Sophisticated search filters allow users to refine listings by factors like cost, proximity, dimensions, and features.
              • Tool for estimating the value of homes and analyzing market trends.
              • Directory of local real estate agents and brokers with profiles included.
              • Promotion options for agents and property managers to advertise listings and attract potential buyers or renters.

              Key Pros:

              • Easy-to-use platform with intuitive navigation and robust search capabilities.
              • Comprehensive database with up-to-date property listings and market data.
              • The home value estimator tool offers valuable information for homeowners and individuals interested in selling their property.
              • The agent directory assists customers in locating trustworthy local real estate agents for purchasing and selling properties.
              • Different advertising choices can enhance the visibility and exposure of property listings, ultimately increasing the likelihood of attracting potential buyers or renters.

              Key Cons:

              • Accuracy of home value estimates may vary, leading to discrepancies in property valuations.
              • Limited control over the presentation and visibility of listings compared to dedicated real estate agent platforms.
              • Competition in crowded markets can be intense, making it difficult to differentiate one’s listing.
              • Depending on external data sources could lead to inaccuracies or outdated information at times.
              • Certain functionalities like advanced advertising features may necessitate extra charges or a subscription.

              Best for: Buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and property managers looking for a comprehensive online platform to search for properties, estimate home values, connect with professionals, and advertise listings.

              Pricing Plans: 

              7. LionDesk

                LionDesk is a specialized CRM platform created for real estate professionals to simplify communication and manage relationships more efficiently.

                LionDesk, with its variety of specialized features, allows agents to efficiently nurture leads, interact with clients, and finalize deals.

                LionDesk offers a centralized solution to manage client interactions and stay organized during the sales process, with features such as automated email and text campaigns, customizable drip campaigns, and transaction management tools.

                The incorporation of well-known real estate websites and tools for generating leads improves its effectiveness and ease of use for agents aiming to streamline their processes and boost their business expansion.

                Key Features:

                • Lead management tools help with capturing, arranging, and prioritizing leads.
                • Automated campaigns using emails and text messages to interact with potential customers and current clients.
                • Personalized drip campaigns for cultivating leads and maintaining top-of-mind awareness.
                • Task and calendar management features to schedule follow-ups and appointments.
                • Connecting to well-known real estate websites like MLS, Zillow, and Realtor.com for integration purposes.

                Key Pros:

                • Customized for individuals in the real estate industry, with functionalities that cater to their specific requirements.
                • The accessible interface and easy-to-use tools allow agents of any experience level to use it effectively.
                • Automation functions help by simplifying repeated tasks and communication, thus saving time and effort.
                • Integration with external platforms improves functionality and makes workflows more efficient.
                • Cost-effective pricing options provide excellent value, catering to both individual agents and groups.

                Key Cons:

                • Advanced features may require additional setup or training to maximize their effectiveness.
                • Limited customization options compared to more robust CRM platforms.
                • Some integrations may be limited or require additional fees for access to premium features.
                • Customer support may be less responsive during peak times or high-demand periods.
                • Mobile app functionality may be limited compared to the desktop version.

                Best for: Small to mid-size real estate agencies, independent agents, and teams seeking an affordable and user-friendly CRM solution tailored specifically for the real estate industry.

                Pricing Plans: 

                8. Curbio

                  Curbio is a one-of-a-kind tool in the real estate sector that focuses on renovating properties before they are sold to enhance their value and speed up the sales process.

                  Curbio provides custom renovation choices for sellers and agents with a team of licensed contractors and project managers.

                  Curbio handles every aspect of the project, starting from assessing the job to completing it, whether it involves small repairs, upgrades, or extensive renovations.

                  Purchasing strategic home renovations can enhance a seller’s property appeal and marketability, leading to speedier sales and increased profits ultimately.

                  Curbio aims to simplify the renovation process and help sellers achieve their real estate goals by providing clear pricing and effective methods.

                  Key Features:

                  • Full range of renovation services, including both aesthetic enhancements and extensive repairs.
                  • Project managers are committed to overseeing the renovation process and guaranteeing on-time completion.
                  • Clear pricing structure with itemized cost breakdown and no undisclosed charges.
                  • Adjustable schedules to fit sellers’ timeframes and reduce interruption.
                  • Enhancing the appeal and market value of a property through meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

                  Key Pros:

                  • Simplifies the renovation process for sellers by handling all aspects of the project.
                  • Transparent pricing and detailed cost estimates provide clarity and peace of mind.
                  • Dedicated project managers ensure projects stay on track and are completed to satisfaction.
                  • Renovations can significantly increase property value and attract more buyers.
                  • Flexible scheduling and efficient project management minimize downtime and maximize results.

                  Key Cons:

                  • Curbio’s services may have limited availability in specific geographic areas, which could limit access for some customers.
                  • The cost of renovations may fluctuate based on the extent of the project and the condition of the property.
                  • Before making any profit, sellers might have to spend money on renovations in advance.
                  • Unsuitable for sellers seeking fast, budget-friendly solutions without major renovation requirements.
                  • Renovation schedules can stretch beyond expectations because of unexpected obstacles or holdups.

                  Best for: Home sellers and real estate agents looking to maximize property value and expedite sales through strategic pre-sale renovations. Particularly beneficial for sellers with outdated or distressed properties in need of renovation to attract buyers.

                  Pricing Plans: 

                  9. Hubspot

                    HubSpot is a comprehensive marketing, sales, and CRM solution designed specifically for real estate agents to attract, engage, and retain customers.

                    HubSpot offers a variety of tools and features that enable agents and agencies to create targeted marketing campaigns, manage leads effectively, and nurture client relationships throughout the sales process.

                    HubSpot offers a complete suite of tools, such as email marketing, social media management, lead tracking, and analytics, to enhance your real estate marketing efforts in a single, integrated platform.

                    The accessible interface and customizable workflows cater to users of varying skill levels, with reporting and analytics tools providing valuable insights for driving business growth.

                    Key Features:

                    • CRM system gathers leads, contacts, and transactions in one central database.
                    • Instruments for email marketing that allow for the customization and distribution of targeted campaigns to specific audiences.
                    • Social media management involves planning posts, tracking interactions, and evaluating outcomes.
                    • Monitoring leads and examining data to measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies and identify opportunities for improvement.
                    • Automated procedures to enhance daily tasks and lead prospective clients through the buying process.

                    Key Pros:

                    • A single platform combines marketing, sales, and CRM functions, minimizing reliance on various software tools.
                    • It is simple to make professional marketing materials with a user-friendly interface and customizable templates.
                    • Integrating with third-party apps and services enhances the functionality and scalability.
                    • Effective reporting and analytical tools provide important insights to improve marketing tactics and increase ROI.
                    • Great customer service and a vast knowledge base provide support and help for customers.

                    Key Cons:

                    • Pricing can be prohibitive for smaller real estate businesses or solo agents with limited budgets.
                    • Setting up workflows and integrations for implementation and onboarding can be time-consuming and effortful.
                    • Certain advanced features might not be fully used by users who lack familiarity with the best practices of marketing automation.
                    • Limited customization options compared to more specialized real estate marketing platforms.
                    • High volume of features and functionalities may overwhelm users who are new to marketing automation.

                    Best for: Mid-size to large real estate agencies, teams, and marketing professionals seeking an all-in-one solution to manage marketing, sales, and CRM functions in a single platform.

                    Pricing Plans:

                    10. REDX

                      REDX offers top-notch real estate lead generation tools created to assist agents and brokers in discovering new opportunities and expanding their business.

                      REDX offers a range of tools and services that help users pinpoint and focus on potential leads in particular geographic locations and types of properties.

                      REDX offers a variety of data and insights to support prospecting efforts, including expired listings, FSBO properties, pre-foreclosures, and geo-farming opportunities.

                      Identifying promising leads and prioritizing outreach efforts is made easier by its friendly interface and customizable search filters.

                      Real estate professionals can enhance their prospecting efficiency and improve their success rates by using REDX’s advanced tools and market intelligence.

                      Key Features:

                      • Expired listings and FSBO leads databases for targeted prospecting.
                      • Pre-foreclosure and foreclosure leads for investment opportunities.
                      • Geo-farming tools to identify and market to specific neighborhoods or areas.
                      • Customizable search filters for refining lead searches based on criteria such as property type, location, and status.
                      • Lead management system to organize, track, and follow up with leads effectively.

                      Key Pros:

                      • An extensive database of potential customers and market information offers valuable insights for finding new opportunities.
                      • Users can use customizable search filters to focus on particular types of leads and properties that align with their preferences.
                      • Agents of any level of experience can easily access the interface and tools because they are user-friendly and intuitive.
                      • Frequent updates and accurate data guarantee that users can access the latest information.
                      • Customer support and training resources are devoted to helping users with their prospecting requirements.

                      Key Cons:

                      • The pricing could be too expensive for smaller real estate companies or individual agents who have restricted budgets.
                      • Certain advanced functionalities might necessitate extra charges or memberships, which will increase the total expenses.
                      • The learning curve can be challenging for new users who are not familiar with prospecting or lead generation tools.
                      • Limited compatibility with other real estate software platforms or CRMs for integration.
                      • The availability of leads and data can differ based on where you are located geographically and the conditions of the market.

                      Best for: Real estate agents, brokers, and teams looking to streamline their lead generation efforts and identify new business opportunities. Particularly beneficial for professionals focused on prospecting expired listings, FSBO properties, pre-foreclosures, and geo-farming opportunities.

                      Pricing Plans:


                      In this article, we’ve reviewed ten real estate marketing tools, each offering unique features to help you succeed.

                      These tools can boost your marketing efforts, increase visibility, and improve client engagement.

                      Using the right marketing tools can streamline your tasks and enhance your property listings.

                      Each tool has its strengths, from detailed analytics to automated workflows.

                      While your needs may vary, each app provides specific benefits that can meet different goals.

                      Consider your requirements carefully, and you’ll find the perfect tool to elevate your real estate business.

                      The Estate Skyline Team The Estate Skyline Team is a group of dedicated real estate professionals passionate about helping home sellers and buyers navigate the real estate market. With extensive experience and expertise in property management, marketing, and home renovation, they provide valuable insights and top-notch services to ensure a seamless real estate experience. The team is committed to delivering personalized solutions and staying updated with the latest industry trends, making Estate Skyline a trusted source for all your real estate needs.
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